Living without a hot water tank or a water heater in your home may be nearly impossible. A faulty water heater or hot water tank can also ruin your whole week. It may be hard to know if your water heater has a problem if you don’t know what to look for. Having a clue about the potential problems of hot water tanks and heaters can save you money and time. It will be easy to call in a plumber in Saskatoon when you know what you are dealing with. It is advisable to troubleshoot your heater and check your hot water tank regularly.


Checking the Connection

Troubleshooting your heater will depend on whether it’s electric or gas. Gas heaters are risky when faulty because of the potential dangers that come with gas. One problem that you can expect is not having enough hot water. One thing you have to do is check the connection. See if the gas or power is on, which is dependent on the type of heater. For a gas water heater, ensure that the pilot light is on.

Venting Trouble

A problem with a vent or flue could also be the reason you don’t have enough hot water. Vents play critical roles in water heaters. If there are blockages present, heaters cannot operate efficiently. There is also the hazard of carbon monoxide accumulation. If you notice that there is trouble with your water heater vents, you can call in a plumber in Saskatoon to clean it or correct the issue.

The Thermostat

Another reason for getting insufficient hot water may be because of the thermostat. First, you should check if the temperature is set right. You may not be receiving enough hot water because you set the temperatures too low. Be careful though not to set it too high because temperatures of over 120°can cause the hot water tank to overheat and get damaged. A thermostat that is set too high could also cause burns and scalds, especially to children.

The thermostat could also be defective leading to ineffective functioning of the water heater. The thermostat is part of the valve, and when there is something wrong, it will need replacement. You should get a professional to replace or repair your gas valve.

Water Tank Capacity

It is also important to check the size of your hot water tank because it may be a problem. You may be using up too much water than your tank can supply. If that is the case, then consider getting an upgrade. For problems with hot water tanks, ensure that you get an expert plumber in Saskatoon to fix them.