As a restaurant owner, your focus is often always on the customer’s food and dining experience, which is why it’s quite easy to overlook something as ordinary as your drainage. Unfortunately, its failure can have a huge impact on your operations, making it difficult to prepare meals in sanitary conditions or clean your equipment properly.

Clogged pipes, for instance, is a common issue that restaurant owners face. While some drainage problems merely slow down operations, others are so severe that you may need to suspend work completely. Working with a professional drain cleaning service on a regular basis is just one way to make sure this type of business interruption doesn’t happen to you.

The Common Causes 

Drains can become clogged for many different reasons, but in restaurants, there are two common causes. The first is that your drains will be used to dispose of garbage and other waste, and the second most common issue is a build-up of grease. Your plumbing system isn’t designed to flush away food and grease, as these things can get stuck in bends and stick to the sides of your pipes, which is how blockages occur.

While training your employees about proper waste disposal is a good place to start, you will not be able to eliminate these issues completely as pieces of food and some grease will inevitably find their way down the drain. A small amount of flushed waste may not seem like a big issue, but over time this can build up into something that could give your restaurant big problems.

Why You Need Regular Help 

You need your drains to flow properly to do everything easily, from cooking to cleaning your dishes. But, as a restaurant owner, drain maintenance should not be allowed to distract you from your core task of providing good food. This dirty work is always best left to experienced plumbers. These professionals can keep your drains clear, and reduce the potential for more serious issues which may even lead to the temporary suspension of service.

Even if your drains are working correctly, you may still notice foul odors coming from them. This is likely caused by waste inside your drain pipes breaking down, and the smell may indicate an accumulation of harmful bacteria. Once you notice these unpleasant smells, get your pipes checked and cleaned at once to prevent the odor from worsening or waste inside pipes progressing into clogs.

Just because your plumbing drains are mostly out of sight does not mean they do not require attention. That’s why you need to have a trusted plumber check it out from time to time to ensure unimpeded flow. If you haven’t done so, maybe it’s time to speak to a reliable drain cleaning service company about regular checks and maintenance. 

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