If you’ve experienced trying to unclog a sink full of water that wouldn’t drain, but would instead spill out of the sink, then you know how stressful it can be to have to go through that again. Over time, a variety of things—toys, trinkets, grease, cutlery—will go down your drain, and some of these dirt and debris that will get stuck, will eventually bundle up to cause clogs. When the obstructions have severely built up, it’s time to do some drain cleaning by Saskatoon plumbing experts.

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If you are mindful of what goes down your drain, then you can expect that your sink or bathroom drains shouldn’t get that badly clogged too often. Some household drains have to be watched more closely, particularly sink drains, as well as the drains in the bathroom, bathtub, and shower. The main culprits for stubborn clogs are hair and grease. Every day, either through showering or shaving, hair goes down those drains and can eventually collect and bundle up enough to block pipes. Add grease, soap, and sticky toothpaste scum, and you get drain clogs even faster.

It is recommended that you regularly clean the drains in your house to prevent buildups that eventually cause serious clogging. Clean garbage sink disposals by using a disposer brush to clear the grease off the disposer, and then follow up with a bacteriological drain cleaner. For the bathroom, remove the drain cover from the shower or bathtub and clean out the debris that have amassed there. In the bathtub, remove the overflow plate and lift the pop-up assembly and remove the debris there as well.

You can purchase mesh screens and place them on your drains so they can catch larger dregs before they get through the drain. Mesh screens are inexpensive and simple, yet are effective in preventing future drain clogs. Also, get yourself a plunger as a solution for minor clogs. If you run into severe clogs, however, you can call on professional Saskatoon drain cleaners or licensed plumbers, such as the experts from Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd, to help you out. Established sales and service plumbing companies often have someone available on call to address any emergency drain problems they may be called upon to fix.

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