Homeowners have been warned to mind what they’re putting down the drain or flushing down their toilets. Time and again some of them simply forget to do so, resulting in said drains and toilets getting clogged. With that in mind, what exactly should you not let into them? Professional drain cleaners reveal the biggest banes of a clean and working drain. They offer expert tips on some ways you can get rid of them and how not to clog your drain.

Drain Cleaners Reveal the Most Common Things that can Clog your Drain

The Big Four

There are a lot of things that can go down your drain aside from water. There are four things that can clog a drain, namely: hair, soap scum, coffee grounds, and cooking grease. The latter in particular (which can come from cooking oil, butter or margarine, food scraps, or even dairy products) tends to stick to the insides of your pipes. It can cause build-up over time and block your home’s pipes.

There are a lot of ways you can avoid introducing these four major banes of a clean drain. One of these ways is to look for other means to dispose of them. In the case of cooking grease, you can try saving them in an old cardboard milk container. You can also use an old coffee can, then throw them in the trash. The same goes for your coffee grounds, but you can also opt to add them to your mulch pile.

With hair and soap scum, you can try installing a screen or drain grate that covers the opening. These can be bought from your local plumbing supply store, and having them in your drain can definitely help minimize your problems with hair and soap scum, but keep in mind to use one that’s appropriate for your sink.

Don’t Flush These Things

When it comes to your toilets, there are more than four enemies. For example, flushing sanitary napkins or tampons is discouraged because the cotton in these products cannot be broken down by water easily, which can cause serious problems over time & clog your drain. Wipes and diapers should also be disposed of in the garbage can instead of the toilet, even those claiming themselves to be “flushable”.

You should never treat your drains or your toilets as garbage bins, where every piece of trash can be flushed or drained, for it can cause more serious problems in your plumbing and drains in the long run. Should you encounter a problem with your drain that has been caused by other factors, don’t hesitate to call on drain cleaning services in Saskatoon offered by companies like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.



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