Plumbing leaks can happen at any time. Sometimes the plumbing system is overlooked and left unchecked. The homeowner isn’t aware that there is corrosion, rust, or other damage on the various plumbing fixtures and pipes around the house. It doesn’t take much time to inspect the plumbing system. Busy homeowners can hire a plumber in Saskatoon to do the job for them.

13 things you must know about household plumbing leaks wptz march 9 2015


Plumbing Leaks

It’s important to keep in mind that plumbing leaks are responsible for a large portion of water wastage. It is also responsible for lots of property damage in the country. Failing to identify or fix a leak can lead to serious consequences to the structural integrity of the house. It can make wood and drywall rot, and encourage mold to develop. The worst part is that it can harm the home’s foundation. This is why it is vital to pay attention to the condition of the home’s plumbing system.

Some of the most common water leaks are caused by corrosion (due to rusting) and cracks. Corrosion can affect many parts of the plumbing. It can only get worse over time if it is left untreated. It can happen to any component of a plumbing fixture. This would usually signal that the fixture needs to be replaced.

Trying to determine a leak in the house can be tricky, but there is one effective way to detect leaks: by checking the water meter. The first thing to do is to make sure that no water is being used throughout the house. Afterward, the leak indicator on the meter should be observed. The indicator can be a small silver wheel or a triangular-shaped dial that spins when water is flowing through the meter. You know you have a leak if the dial is moving, but no plumbing fixture is running in your house. Another way is to make an initial check or reading on the meter (while the plumbing system is still NOT in use), and then check it again after an hour or two. If the reading changed, then there could be a leak somewhere in the system.

Now What

After determining that there is, in fact, a leak, then the next thing to do is try to find out what is causing the leak. The culprit can be anywhere from the faucets, toilets, to flapper valves and overflow tubes. In case it is difficult to locate the source of the leak, then Saskatoon plumbing professionals such as those from Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. can be called in to help out.

If there is a leak in the house, then it is best to take action immediately so as to not risk it causing damages to the house and increasing the utility bill.

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