Water heaters are important appliances in Saskatoon homes as they are some of the must-haves in modern living. As a water heater owner, you need to know what the fundamental components are and how to run them if you wish to take better care of your heater. The proper operation of these parts will play a big part in maintaining the quality of the appliance.


The burner is at the bottom of a gas water heater. It is what facilitates the heating of water. In electric water heaters, heating elements carry out the heating process.

hot water tanks


The control of water temperature is very crucial in water heaters. Usually, it should be at around 120° C because temperatures hotter than that may cause scalding. The thermostat is a dial with a needle that allows you to see the temperature setting. Some thermostats have automated temperature settings to ensure that they stay at specific temperature marks. A faulty thermostat may lead to water that is too hot or not hot enough.

Shut-off Valve

You should always know where the shut-off valve is in your water heating system. In the event of something happening, turning off the gas is the first thing you should do. Likewise, when getting repairs for your heater, the gas supply has to be off. You must always ensure that the shut-off valve is in good working condition.


Another element that serves an essential role in hot water tanks in Saskatoon is the vent pipe. This flue system allows the exchange of heat, which facilitates the heating of water. It is essential that a flue system meets specific regulations. A defect in the vent pipe can cause serious problems.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

Water heaters have safety features, and this is one of them. When a hot water tank accumulates too much pressure, it is necessary to relieve it, and that is the purpose of the temperature-pressure relief valve. There is usually a marked maximum pressure for hot water tanks, and the valve helps regulate it. The valve is usually at the top of the tank.

These are just a few of the essentials of a water heater. Knowing how they function will help in maintenance practices. Should you find any of these parts faulty, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumbing service such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. for the necessary repairs.


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