What to Look For

Hot water tanks in Saskatoon homes and elsewhere are one of those modern conveniences you’ve probably been living with for so long that it barely crosses your mind that it may break one day. If you’ve noticed something off about the way your hot water tank in your home has been performing, but you’re not sure if it’s broken or just being temperamental, there are several things to look for which should let you know if and when you need to change your home’s water heating system.

Electric water heater being repaired


The first and most obvious thing to do is to test the water. Seen as you’re reading this, you’ve probably already noticed a sudden change in your water temperature, but if not, think hard about whether or not anyone in your home has been complaining about this. Like with many things, it’s always better to recognize problems with your hot water tank early on, so that you can plan ahead in repairing or replacing your hot water tanks or water heaters in Saskatoon.

If the immediate temperature of your water seems fine, don’t take it as an all-clear and think that everything’s okay. The duration of your hot water can also be a good indicator of how your hot water tank is functioning. Alarms should go off in your head if the hot water in the shower starts running low. If you used to take long showers and the hot water just kept on flowing but your recent hot showers got shorter and shorter, it’s a pretty certain sign that there’s something wrong with your home’s water heating equipment.

Leaks in Your Home

It’s also worth doing regular checks of the area of your house where the hot water tank is. If there are any puddles of water around the base of the tank, or a thin stream running from the tank to a floor drain, there’s likely to be a major leak somewhere, and your tank will probably need replacement. As with other problems, a leak does not always constitute a replacement, and noticing one as soon as possible will make the whole issue a lot less costly in the long run.

Finally, here’s a simple pointer that a lot of people, unfortunately, neglect: check the age of the hot water tank in your home. In all likelihood, your hot water tank is warranted for something between 5 and 10 years. Though a lot of domestic tanks last for several years past their warranty, if you’re beginning to notice problems with your hot water tank’s performance, it’s probably time to get a new model.


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