Drain clogs or sewage backs up, could have you paying a lot for the cleanup from the damage. Most of the time your insurance can cover the damage from accidental water overflow. Is the water coming from the main sewer line? You may have to think again before expecting your insurance company to come to the rescue, according to Janet Porter in her article for Inman News:

Most policies cover for damage caused by the sudden and accidental discharge of water that comes out of a pressurized plumbing system (the part of the pipes that delivers water to the faucets, toilets and appliances). Damage from water that backs up from the street sewer, through unpressurized lines designed to take water away from the house, is generally not covered.

The exclusion covers street sewer obstructions. It also doesn’t cover water that enters a home through a backup in any line or drain that takes water to the sewer. The reason is two-fold: The insurance company is not in the business of insuring the city against the consequences of its poorly maintained sewer lines. And your clogged drains are considered a maintenance problem, not a “sudden and accidental” event.

why insurance wont cover damage from sewer backup


Drain Maintenance

Clogged drains are considered by insurance companies as a maintenance problem. This should tell you that regular drain cleaning for Saskatoon homes is an important task. Blockages that can cause your sewage to back up do not occur overnight after all. The obstructions usually develop from the accumulation of dirt and debris that enter the drains. Things like like hair, soap, grease, and leftover food also hinder flow. The grease sticks to the walls of the pipe and can catch various materials as they pass. The dirt eventually builds up and snags even more debris through the drain. Tree roots entering the pipe can be another cause of sewer blockages. Tree roots look for water sources and a sewer line is a source; it may take time, but roots can enter the pipe and slowly grow to fill it.

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These are just two of the more common reasons why sewer lines and drains clog. Experienced Saskatoon drain cleaners like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. should be able to recognize the signs of what is causing the clog and implement the appropriate measures to unclog it. If you make regular check-ups of your plumbing system part of your maintenance schedule, the slow build-up along the drains could be avoided – saving you a lot of money, worry, and headaches.


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