March 12, 2014, CBC News article documents one broadcaster’s efforts to keep the drainage system of his city clog-free:

The CBC Morning Edition’s Eric Anderson got a few responses like that Wednesday morning after he grabbed a spade and took requests from the public to clear their ice-clogged catch basins.

With street drains clogged all over the city following a big melt on the weekend, the emails were soon streaming in, but Anderson (AKA Drainman) was game to do his bit.

“It takes an army,” Anderson said. “I’m just one man, but I’m glad to do my part.”

After a few hours on the job, Anderson was beat, but not beaten.

“It’s been a hard morning,” he said at the scene of a drain he had just cleared. “We’ve had some success.”

Anderson received positive feedback for all the efforts that he was doing for the community of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Meanwhile, a couple of driving hours north, the city of Saskatoon was also vulnerable to the same problems that Regina experiences every winter. The Drainman may not be available for help, but homeowners can call Saskatoon drain cleaning professionals to effectively do the job for them instead.



What Causes a Blockage?

There are different factors that can cause blockages in a household’s drainage system. One of the most common is outdoor debris, such as leaves or tree branches, and litter. Grease and fat improperly disposed of down the kitchen sink can also cause blockages once it solidifies. Flushing foreign objects down the toilet bowl may also cause the pipes to block.

Blockages can become risky to the property as they can result in water and waste resurgence if the blockage becomes too much for the drain pipes and catch basins to handle. Consequentially, leaks and flooding can also contribute to the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to people living in the household.

This is why it is important to call a service that knows effective Saskatoon drain cleaning techniques. Companies like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. have the necessary experience and tools to deliver quick, high-quality work.

Households may not be able to rely on the Drainman all the time, but they can surely count on their favourite local plumber to effectively do the work for them.


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