There is one common plumbing problem that you’ll likely encounter. This can happen at either your home or place of business. It is a clogged water pipe that needs Saskatoon Drain Cleaning Services to fix it. This can happen to anyone and for a good number of possible reasons.

In fact, as far back as November 2013, groups like the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG) have been asking the government to be stricter in regulating “flushable” wipes. According to a report in CBC News, sewer experts claimed that the term “flushable” was a misnomer. These wipes had been costing the city government around $250 million every year on sewer clean-ups.


While those products and personal wipes may swirl down the toilet with ease, experts say they don’t disintegrate, creating serious problems as they work their way through aging sewage systems on their way to treatment plants.

“If we don’t deal with this problem, the Canadian taxpayer will be literally flushing away millions,” said Barry Orr, a waste-water official with MESUG.

Plumbing Blockages

This should serve as a reminder to be careful about what you flush down the loo. Aside from used wipes, plumbing blockages in Canada are also caused by used diapers, cigarette butts, and leftover cooking oil.

Additionally, schedule routine plumbing services in your home for pipe maintenance, even when you think there’s nothing wrong with your plumbing system. Homeowners can rely on Saskatoon drain cleaning services like this from Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd.


It will also help to conduct regular pipe inspections on your own. For example, if your toilet appears clogged, open the toilet tank (assuming that your toilet model has it) and observe what happens when you push the flush lever. If the water in the tank doesn’t sink, it could mean a few things. For one, you may be getting insufficient water pressure. It’s also possible that the flush lever is defective, to begin with, and is not moving the arm inside the toilet tank as it should. Of course, it could also indicate that your pipes are clogged.

This problem needs to be taken seriously. Plumbing blockages, particularly those caused by “flushable” wipes and similar products, don’t just result in faulty plumbing systems. They can also lead to health problems for you and the community, as wastewater can mix with your neighborhood’s water supply. The costs involved in getting professional Saskatoon drain cleaning services early enough are surely worth the prevention of an even bigger problem.


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