One of the more important parts of the plumbing in Saskatoon homes is the hot water tank. A lot of people like their hot showers, especially early in the morning or late in the night; there’s nothing more relaxing, after all. However, heavy use can result in your water heater developing problems. The problem you really want to avoid is water heater backdrafts. That will pose a health threat to your household.


Water heater with stop sign


Water Heater Backdrafts: The Problem

One of the more dangerous issues that can develop is water heater backdrafts. Surprisingly enough, it also happens to be one of the common problems encountered by homeowners and is often undetected a lot. “Back drafting” refers to the phenomenon of the exhaust gases from your water heater being released into your home instead of outside. Considering that the main gas emitted by your water heater is carbon monoxide, your family can end up in danger. In addition, the backdraft raises the humidity of your home, making the occupants more uncomfortable and rooms more difficult to heat or cool. Another consequence of backdraft is that the gases can condense on the top of your water heater; these fumes happen to be very corrosive, thus resulting in damage to your heater.

Back drafts are often caused by installation defects. A likely suspect is that the vent connector at the top of your water heart is not connected properly. If this part sags or dips, you may end up with a backdraft. Vent or chimney problems can be another cause; clogged vents or ducts can stop the escape of gas.

An Effective Solution and More

If you’re looking for an effective solution, then calling in experienced Saskatoon plumbers like those from Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. is a good idea. They can help identify what exactly the problem is and repair it. They can even prevent it; skilled plumbers know how to properly install features like water heaters, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures. This ensures that no future problems develop. Plus, they can do all of this quickly, so you can enjoy the use of your plumbing sooner.

Plumbing problems like a back-drafting water heater should be fixed as soon as possible. Hire professionals to do the job correctly to ensure your comfort and safety.


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