Much like other regions within Canada, there can be times when a Saskatoon home suffers from hard water. Hard water is a term used to describe water that is characterized by the presence of dissolved mineral deposits. Some common chemicals include magnesium, aluminum, copper, and calcium. Not only can these cause drinking water to taste unpleasant, but hard water can damage pipes over time. What is hard water treatment and what are some of the signs that you may need it?

Treatment and Plumbing

Signs that a Home May Suffer from Hard Water

One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not hard water treatment is needed can be to closely examine dishes. Over time, these can all become discoloured and it is not uncommon for drinking glasses to exhibit a “foggy” appearance. Another method is to observe the condition of taps and surrounding tiles. These can likewise become stained. Some areas to examine can also be sink basins and tubs. Ceramics that exhibit this characteristic likely indicate the build-up of hard water. Over time, these deposits can even cause the internal circumference of pipes to narrow. This may impede the flow of water and lead to lower levels of water pressure.

How Plumbers Diagnose the Presence of Hard Water

Usually, a Saskatoon plumber will first measure the dissolved concentration of minerals after taking a sample. Concentrations that are higher than 100 milligrams per litre are a clear indication that the water is hard. Readings of over 180 milligrams per litre signal that the water is extremely hard. In these cases, water softeners will be used.

Water softeners offer two primary benefits. First, they can help to remove these dissolved minerals. Consumers will no longer have to be concerned with damage to utensils as well as their plumbing systems. Secondly, these water softeners will dramatically improve the overall taste of the water.

It can often be difficult to detect the presence of hard water. So, residents who suspect that this condition may be present are urged to contact a Saskatoon plumbing service as soon as possible. Professionals will normally be able to determine if this situation is indeed present within a single visit.


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