Drains move the waste from your Saskatoon home to the main sewer lines. This is where it is disposed of safely and efficiently. If your drains are blocked with waste and debris, it can lead to serious problems and expensive repair bills. Remove a blockage before it becomes a major concern! It is advisable to hire a professional plumbing company to take care of the problem for you. Some people decide to take on the role of amateur plumbers. They attempt to solve the problem themselves with DIY drain cleaning. There are many reasons why this course of action should be avoided.

Drain Cleaning

Harsh chemicals can be hazardous

Handling hazardous chemicals is a prime example of why you should never take on a plumbing job yourself. Many stores stock chemicals that claim to be able to unblock your drains. Realistically,  they are not only hazardous to your health but can also lead to the deterioration of your pipes. By pouring harsh chemicals down the drain, they are less likely to be diluted properly due to the restricted flow. Exposure to concentrated chemicals causes pipes to corrode and ultimately results in expensive repair bills that could have been avoided by calling in a plumber to unblock your drains.

Snaking your drains can cause further damage

The same can be said when it comes to augering your drains. A plumber will have adequate knowledge to deal with a blockage, causing little to no damage to your sewage lines. In most cases, a drain snake wouldn’t even be used as hydro-jetting is a far more effective way of forcing even the most stubborn build-up of waste out of your lines. Using a drain snake yourself could lead to the inadvertent puncturing of your pipes, which can then lead to costly repairs.

Recognizing more serious problems

It may seem like an unnecessary expense to call in a plumber for a seemingly simple drain blockage, but the truth is you don’t really know what the problem is without the training and experience that professional plumbers have. A blocked drain may be the result of tree roots in your main sewer line and you won’t know that this is the cause of the problem unless you have experience dealing with plumbing on a regular basis.

In order to keep your drains and pipes in good working condition and avoid causing further problems that can lead to damage to your property and costly repair bills, it is always advisable to call in a professional plumbing company like Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. rather than using DIY techniques.

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