Heavy rain over the past few weeks proved to be very problematic for Saskatoon. CTV Saskatoon says that the near record-breaking 300 millimitres of rain throughout the city has slowed road repairs to a halt; potholes and sinkholes now dot the streets, and houses become flooded. City officials encouraged homeowners to do whatever they can to prevent further flooding by ensuring that their backflow systems and sump pumps are working properly. Find a company that offers plumbing in Saskatoon & have them on speed dial!

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Basic Know-How

Even the most basic know-how when it comes to household plumbing can seem like such a complex maze for the uninitiated, which is why renowned experts in plumbing in Saskatoon, like the folks from Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, are eager to lend homeowners a hand. Aside from backflow and sump pump repairs, these plumbers can also help clean sewer lines, kitchen sinks, and other drain systems, which can further mitigate the risk of indoor flooding.

Back Flow Prevention

Backflow preventers, for example, are very fragile, even though they are important in preventing harmful chemicals and substances from contaminating the household’s water supply. For the uninformed, ‘backflows’ are incidents wherein the clean water pumped into the property somehow makes its way back to the source. These incidents can also occur in the household’s sewage system, with unpleasant results. The smallest discrepancy in water pressure or the tiniest obstruction in the pipes due to flooding can cause backflow preventers to fail, which is why it is important for homeowners to have these systems regularly inspected.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps, meanwhile, have a more direct application during a flood, which is to pump rainwater out of the property’s basement as it accumulates. The catch is that it also suffers from the same problem as backflow systems: obstructions or inconsistencies in water pressure can also cause a sump pump to fail. In addition, any problems encountered in the pump’s electrical systems can lead to a fire, further complicating matters for a flooded household.

A reliable Saskatoon plumber can fix these things and also prevent them from happening. While their services are greatly appreciated, especially during these bouts of heavy rain, homeowners should also pick up the slack. They need to visually inspect their plumbing and sewage systems for anything out of the ordinary, rather than simply waiting for a pro to tell them about the problem. Homeowners should also remember that their insurance policies don’t provide coverage for all kinds of water damage, which means that they should really treat indoor flooding very seriously.


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