Of the various plumbing issues a household would run into, clogging remains a perennial problem, no matter the number of fixes or upgrades made to a plumbing system. Clogging is caused by the buildup of soap scum, hair, and other debris that find their way into drains, so it is not the fault of the plumbing hardware but of the user. Homeowners can try to be careful with their drains to prevent clogs, but over long periods of time, clogs eventually form regardless of the precautions taken. Getting a professional’s help will always be the safest and smartest choice to help rid your home of these issues.


It is easy to spot a developing clog; if a sink, tub, or shower noticeably takes longer to drain than usual, it might have some buildup somewhere down the pipe. Homeowners need to act upon clogged drains fast because letting a drain run while clogged makes for a nasty overflow, or worse, a burst pipe. There are two ways to approach a clogged drain: either use a liquid plumbing solution or actually call an expert in drain cleaning in Saskatoon, such as Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd.

Liquid Plumbing Solutions: A Stopgap Measure

Although effective to a degree and quite convenient to use, liquid plumbing solutions are not always the best answer to a clogged drain. The chemical typically works by dissolving the debris and softening it up enough so that it can be properly flushed away. The chemical process, however, does not always melt all the debris, and can still leave some gunk that could cause more clogs in the future. Worse, these chemicals are often dangerous to handle and could be risky to use in a household with children.

Drain Cleaning the Manual Way

For a more effective and safer unclogging, homeowners can turn to unclogging devices such as augers. These instruments reach down into a drain and manipulate the blockage formed, allowing users to pull out the gunk and free up the piping. While these devices are available commercially, homeowners have the alternative option to call for plumbers. These experienced Saskatoon drain cleaners come equipped with all sorts of tools to perform a thorough unclogging. Homeowners who often experience blocked sinks and drains no matter how many times they try to unclog them should consider calling a plumber to get a professional’s help.


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