Not all rumours and myths contain a fragment of truth. Sadly, a lot of people put too much faith in hearsay, even though much of it is unsubstantiated. As a result, homeowners everywhere have come to fear events that won’t even materialise. Luckily, a trusted plumber can help you find out which myths contain some truth and which ones lack a factual basis.

A Plunger is an Answer to All Clogged Plumbing

All earnest homeowners keep a plunger at home. These are fine to deal with minor blockage in drains and pipes. However, using a plunger is a skill that you need to learn. Too often, people inadvertently complicate the clog because they don’t properly apply the plunger, which creates an overflow. Therefore, it’s wiser to call a trusted plumber to deal with this issue.

It’s OK to Flush Anything Down the Toilet

Your toilet is not a garbage disposal. Irregularly shaped objects from the trash can get caught and cause a major blockage in the plumbing system. Similarly, the rumour that insists it’s perfectly okay to flush cat litter down the toilet is simply bilge. Animal faeces may contain bacteria and parasites proving harmful to humans and marine life via the sewage system.

Clean the Toilet Bowl with Bleach Tablets

There is some truth to this myth. Putting bleach tablets in the toilet bowl does cleanse and adds sparkle to your toilet. However, do not let the tablet linger in the bowl for more than 10 minutes. Prolonged exposure to bleach can destroy the plumbing system of a toilet within six months. Flush the tablet promptly and thoroughly, and remember to use only those tablets specifically designed for toilets.

A Little Drip is of No Concern

According to a recent analysis performed by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authorities, Canadian households lose 1,200 litres of water every year due to a leaky faucet. That amount of water can fill as many as seven bathtubs. Aside from their drain on water supplies and the ecosystem, leaky faucets also affect your water bill. Don’t hesitate to call a trusted plumber to fix this problem right away.

Many other myths flourish undisputed, such as freshening the toilet bowl with lemon peels. Can it work? Yes, your bathroom will smell lovely. Soon after, however, you will likely be dealing with a clogged toilet. Before doing anything rash based on myths, it’s wise to ask a plumbing service for a genuine and verifiable answer so it uncovers the truth.


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