A toilet might not constantly be on a homeowner’s mind, but once it becomes inoperable, it preoccupies everyone in the household and protests will be heard. Since going to the toilet is such a crucial part of our everyday lives, it’s only natural to miss it when trouble arises. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, you need to stay on top of things in terms of toilet maintenance. Here is some advice from a pro plumber:

Pro Plumber Tip #1 – Clean Your Toilet Daily

Any system in the world tends to experience fewer problems when kept clean. As everyone knows, toilets are the place to flush away the body’s excrement. Urine and feces are naturally filled with bacteria and, in some cases, diseases. Did you know that bacteria can be propelled as high as 1.5 metres into the air when flushed? It will then stick to the surrounding surface. The simplest way to deal with this problem is to close the toilet lid before you flush.

Dispersed bacteria may be colonizing everywhere in the bathroom, including all the toilet components: the handle, the base, and the toilet seat. Bathrooms are naturally humid places, a perfect environment for bacterial growth. Using disinfectants such as bleach or vinegar to thoroughly clean all surfaces. Be careful, experts say common toilet cleaning products can cause damage that leads to leakage.

Pro Plumber Tip #2 – Only Flush What Is Meant to be Flushed

Is it wise to flush toilet paper? In Canada, the answer is gray. You can flush toilet paper down the drain, but only in limited amounts between flushes. Otherwise, be prepared to suffer the consequences! It’s possible to suffer damages or blockages within your plumbing system because of excess toilet paper, which can eventually lead to flooding of your floor.

The Canadian government is also advocating that citizens not flush down baby wipes, even when the manufacturer insists they are flushable. In 2013, these wipes clogged the sewer system across the country causing damages up to $250 million.

Pro Plumber Tip #3 – Inspect the Inner Toilet System Regularly

Keeping the outer surface of the toilet clean is easy. However, it’s the system inside that presents difficulties you cannot see. Hire a plumber to perform routine maintenance so that you can catch problems early before they cause even bigger problems.

During maintenance, a plumber will typically check your plumbing’s condition and identify potential leaks. You will also receive personalized tips on how to perform daily cleaning and maintenance of all your toilet components. Always keep your toilet well-maintained.


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